Pastoral Staff

Parish Office: 330-460-7300

Father Bob Stec, Pastor, 330.460.7333
Father Dennis McNeil, Parochial Vicar, 330.460.7311
Father Bob Wenz, Parochial Vicar, 330.460.7312
Deacon Clem Belter, 330.460.7300
Deacon Thomas Sheridan, 330.460.7322
Deacon Gary Tomazic, 330.460.7300
Deacon Frank Weglicki, Pastoral Care for the Sick
Rev. Gary Hoover, OSB - Weekend Assistant
Pattie Batchman, Director of Religious Education, 330.460.7323
Jake Bihari, Parish Life and Mission, 330.460.7331
Tom Bonezzi, Music Ministry, 330.460.7337
Virginia Armaro, Bulletin and Communications, 330.460.7314
Ann Marie Frattare, Junior High Youth Ministry, 330.460.7325
Megan Lowes, Stewardship and Service, 330.460.7334
Kathy Sarazin, Front Office Coordinator, 330.460.7341
Helen Sheridan, Family Life Ministry, 330.460.7322
Jurell Sison, Youth Ministry, 330.460.7338

Email Staff at: First Initial & Last Name

Support Staff

Bob Downs, Parish Finance Council 330.273.3108
Bryce Rausch, Parish Finance Council 216.896.9248
Jim Lepi, Athletic Director 330.273.1801
Shari Ricciardi and Kim Harrington, School Advisory Board 330.460.7331
James Ergh, Building and Grounds Supervisor 330.460.7309
Ken Trepkowski, Parish Pastoral Council 330.220.6958

UPDATED ON: 1/15/2014

Father Bob Stec
Father Dennis McNeil
Parochial Vicar
Deacon Gary Tomazic